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Five tips to Refresh your morning routine

1. Stretch

Stretching as soon as you wake up helps to increase circulation throughout your body, helping you to wake up calm and refreshed. You could try simply stretching your arms above your head, leaning forward to touch your toes, bending your legs up behind you, stretching side to side reaching down the side of your legs, rotating from the waist left and right, or if you like yoga you could try a Sun Salutation sequence which should take you about 4-5 minutes to complete.

2. Breathe

Morning breathing techniques aid in setting up your day right. It can help put you into a relaxed state by activating the Parasympathetic nervous system (Rest and Digest system) reducing the effects of cortisol (our stress hormone) It increase oxygen in the body making you feel more alert. It lowers the heart rate reducing blood pressure. It aids in strengthening the diaphragm and core stability muscles helping you to stand taller; when we stand tall, we feel more confident. Adopting good breathing techniques can also help boost your metabolism aiding digestive function which may help you lose weight and more effectively burn fat.

3. Affirmations

After your stretching and breathing, walk to the bathroom and in front of the mirror start reciting some affirmations.

I can and I will

I am enough

I am the success story

I love me for who I am

Positive affirmations activate the ventromedial prefrontal cortex—part of the brain involved in positive valuation and self-related information processing, so yes there is science behind positive affirmations and that they truly work, but it must be a regular practice to get the full benefit.

4. Have a cold shower 

Having a hot to cold shower in the morning helps to wake you up by increasing heart rate, which increases oxygen intake making you more alert.

It increases blood circulation, may aid in weight loss by triggering the bodies brown fat to generate heat

Cold showers can also give skin and hair a healthy glow by closing and strengthening the hair cuticles as well as protecting the skins outer sebum layer keeping skin lubricated, soft, and supple. It may also reduce muscle soreness (if from an inflammatory response).

5. Hydrate

Starting your morning with 2 glasses of water or cold herbal tea can help to increase energy, helping you to become more physically active and less groggy and sluggish. This is a great way to aid in giving up stimulants first thing in the morning. As your brain is made up mostly of water, hydrating first thing in the morning can boost alertness and memory. It can aid in better digestion and prevent constipation and toxin build up. Water also helps keep the liver flushed increasing immune health. Just make sure your water is pure filtered water.


It doesn’t take much time to achieve these tips, all these things listed can almost be done all at the same time.

On your first day of adopting these tips, keep a glass of pure filtered water on your bedside table and drink it when you first wake up, go through your breath sequence while still sitting in bed. Next go through your stretches then as you go to the bathroom look in the mirror where you have attached your daily affirmations and recite them out loud. Once you have done this jump into the shower wash yourself/hair/teeth and then turn the hot water off (or down to begin) allowing the cold water to immerse you. Once you are done go out to your kitchen, have your second glass of water, and then prepare your breakfast (and lunch if going to work)

Now in such a short period of time you have given yourself such self-love before the day has truly started. Do this and you will find your days become more positive and easier to manage. It can't get much better than that

It really is that simple.


**DISCLAIMER - Information provided on this site is for educational use only and is not intended as medical advice. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner.


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