Our Tea Range

From bright colours to fragrant flavours, MeVa Tea is perfect for morning, midday or night.

Enjoy Hot or cold. 


About MeVa Co

Welcome to MeVa Co.

"Our aim is to turn a cup of herbal tea into a truly amazing experience"

There is something extraordinary about a hand crafted speciality tea.

There is so much love that goes into every cup, you can just feel it.

We hope you find a blend that suits your taste and makes a difference to your internal spark!

At MeVa Co we have sourced the finest organic ingredients that have been grown in the most environmentally friendly way possible for our planet.

All of our blends are Naturopathically hand-crafted in small batches for best quality and freshness. Our herbal tea blends support the body in many ways including hydration, stress, sleep, energy promotion and to give you that smiling feeling inside.

Oh, and of course, they are absolutely delicious.

Herbal tea needs to be enjoyed the way mother nature made it, Beautiful.

About MeVa Tea:

Connie is a fully qualified Naturopath who has a passion for herbs and loves creating Herbal Tea blends.

Connie and the crew at MeVa Co wanted to share this passion and give you a little bit of mother natures goodness in a cup. There is so much in nature to help us heal, grow and smile but we also wanted to include tasty ingredients such as fruits, berries and spices to make it so yummy to drink.


 MeVa Co's Values: 
To Create the Best Herbal Tea Blends for Your Body, Mind and Taste Buds!
To Love Mother Nature and help share her Gifts.
To support the environment and practice sustainability.
By supporting local business you can play a part in a sustainable future.
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